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Oxygen Ozone Therapy for Dandruff

2022-01-24 15:28



Oxygen Ozone Therapy for Dandruff

Dandruff is noticeable with white flakes in the hair and shoulders. When does she start and what to do. Dandruff can appear at any time, however

Dandruff is noticeable with white flakes in the hair and shoulders.

When does she start and what to do. Dandruff can appear at any time, however it is more likely to appear in adolescence. This happens because the hormones change, more sebum begins to be produced, an essential ingredient that can cause dandruff to appear. As with flakes, you may start to experience an itchy scalp and a feeling of irritation and dryness.

These are the first warning signs of dandruff, the advice is to start using an anti-dandruff shampoo as soon as these signs appear. Dandruff can also appear at other times. The teenage years are not the only years in which hormones change, there are many other times in life when this is likely to happen, in fact it is possible that dandruff occurs as an adult, but with the right precautions it is easy to treat and remove the flakes.

The cause of dandruff is a naturally occurring microbe on the scalp called Malassezia globosa. It is found on anyone's scalp, although it causes dandruff in about 50% of people.

How it works:

· Malassezia globosa feeds on naturally occurring oils called sebum ... sebum is the oil that moisturizes the hair and scalp.

When sebum breaks down, it produces a by-product called oleic acid.

1 in 2 people are sensitive to oleic acid and the scalp responds by becoming irritated.

In response to irritation, the scalp begins to become inflamed, red and itchy.

The organism signals the brain to accelerate the turnover of skin cells and compared to the norm for an attempt to reject the irritating factor.

This skin loss is what causes the visible scales to appear on the scalp, which often fall on the shoulders, which is embarrassing and difficult for many when in contact with other people.

There are other factors that can affect dandruff, because while the root cause of dandruff is always the same, there are some factors that can exacerbate a problem or make it look worse:

. seasonal factors in summer and winter

· External irritating factors such as pollution

Damage caused by our own actions such as styling our hair with too much heat and / or unsuitable products.

It is possible to treat dandruff with ozone massages, which with its disinfectant and anti-inflammatory action relieves and reduces it from the first session.

The Oxy derm system is safe, natural, non-invasive, painless and with reliable and lasting results. Oxy Derm TRICO is the air source device / generator, which produces ozone of excellent quality, safe, non-invasive, absolutely painless and with reliable and lasting results to fight and eliminate dandruff.

Ozone treatments for dandruff give relief and reduce it from the first session and with a personalized program it is possible to defeat it.

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