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Oxygen Ozone Therapy for Hair Strengthening

2022-01-24 15:30



Oxygen Ozone Therapy for Hair Strengthening

The supplements help to overcome the change of season with a cure from the inside, ticking the split ends and eliminating the most damaged parts is a must

Supplements help overcome the change of season with a cure from the inside, ticking split ends and eliminating the most damaged parts is a must, while the strategies that experts recommend are useful to put into practice every day.

​ATTENTION: Never use pure shampoo, dilute it with water and massage it on the skin and never aggressive shampoos.

ATTENTION to the colors - Coloring (or bleaching!) And using the straightener too frequently stresses the hair, which over time can become brittle or even fall out. To color your hair, or dye the white tufts, you have to pay attention to the color ... it is good to get advice from an expert.

Today, natural dyes without ammonia are increasingly popular on the market. It is important to trim the hair, especially at the change of season, and equally important to eliminate split ends and parts without vitality.

For the do-date, the grandmother's remedies help beauty with simple and natural ingredients, just prepare an oil mask, able to nourish and protect. Then you can indulge yourself with exotic scents, like; coconut oil, with an intense aroma, is useful for combating dandruff. Linseed oil, avocado oil and argan oil also help the beauty of the hair.

Among the many, it is possible to treat the hair with ozone massages, which with its disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and nourishing action, conveyed and absorbed by the skin, enters the microcirculation and returning Oxygen nourishes the cells, restoring elasticity, shine and tone, right from the first

The Oxy derm system is safe, natural, non-invasive, painless and with reliable and lasting results. Oxy Derm TRICO is the air source device / generator, which produces ozone of excellent quality, safe, non-invasive, absolutely painless and with reliable and long-lasting results for hair strengthening treatments.

Ozone treatments to strengthen the hair are an important help and from the first session it is possible to have an improvement, and with a personalized path it is possible to double the consistency.

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