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Oxygen Ozone Therapy for Scars and Hematomas

2022-01-24 15:40



Oxygen Ozone Therapy for Scars and Hematomas

If too much scar tissue (connective tissue - collagen and fibroblasts) is produced by the body, the scar

If an excessive amount of scar tissue is produced by the body (connective tissue - collagen and fibroblasts), the scar becomes much larger and more evident, with consequent aesthetic discomfort of the person, and can also cause itching, redness and discomfort. In particular, in hypertrophic and keloid scars, collagen and fibroblasts continue to multiply even after the wound heals and this increases its volume.

The areas of the body where keloid scars appear most frequently are the chest and shoulders. Not all subjects develop hypertrophic and keloid scars, but there must be a genetic predisposition. Hypertrophic scars and keloids are the response of the skin to a trauma of various kinds (chemical, physical, surgical, infectious) or, but only in predisposed subjects, of spontaneous origin.

Keloids compared to hypertrophic scars have a greater invasiveness and persistence. Keloid scars reach greater volume, are more invasive and annoying, and tend not to regress easily compared to hypertrophic scars, moreover keloid scars are more difficult to heal. Keloids, unlike hypertrophic scars, can arise months after the operation and in particular in the ear lobes, shoulders and the region near the sternum.

The possible treatments, to reduce or attenuate them, consist of cortisone-based treatments, or laser treatments, or ozone treatments. Hematoma is formed when a part of the body is hit and the muscle fibers and connective tissue under the skin are crushed without the skin tearing. The blood from the injured subcutaneous capillaries (the smallest blood vessels in the body) pours under the skin and, unable to escape, becomes trapped causing the appearance of a reddish or purplish spot that is painful to the touch (bruise).

Bruises can form for various reasons, but the most common of cases are the consequence of bumps, more or less accidental; fortunately they are not permanent and change from an initial pink color to a yellow-green color after a couple of weeks in most cases, and then disappear permanently together with any swelling.

The Oxy Derm System is safe, natural, non-invasive, painless and with certain and long-lasting results. Oxy Derm Plus is the unique ozone generator / device in the world, safe, non-invasive, for scar and hematoma treatments, absolutely painless and with sure and lasting results. Oxy Derm Plus, source of oxygen cylinder, produces ozone of excellent quality for face treatments in absolute safety.

Ozone treatments for scars and hematomas give relief and from the first session and with a personalized program it is possible to have important results.

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