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Oxygen Ozone Therapy for cellulite

2022-01-24 15:45



Oxygen Ozone Therapy for cellulite

Essentially, cellulite results from a micro-circulatory stasis of the hypodermis at the level of the lower limbs, with alteration of the plasma exchange.

Essentially, cellulite results from a micro-circulatory stasis of the hypodermis in the lower limbs, with alteration of the plasma tissue exchange. Cellulite is often accompanied by layers of localized adiposity and occurs both in obese women and in long-limbed or thin women.

At the tissue level, when cellulite arises, the following changes are observed:

· Hypertrophy (abnormal increase in volume of the cellular elements that constitute it) of the adipose cells, with ruptures and lacerations of the cytoplasmic membrane that surrounds them, and consequent leakage of triglycerides, which diffuse in the tissues, in the intercellular spaces.

Accumulation of excess fluids (water retention). The balance of the venous and lymphatic system is modified with a slowing of the blood flow and a retention of liquids by the tissues.

· Involutional phenomena of the reticular tissue around the adipocytes (cells of the adipose tissue) with involvement also of the collagen fibers.

The factors that cause these localized alterations affect the microcirculation of the adipose mass and over time determine an anatomical and functional compromise of the vascular unit of the tissue, which leads to the onset of problems affecting the hypodermis (layer below the epidermis) and of the immediately overlying layer, the dermis. The degeneration of the microcirculation of the adipose tissue leads to a consequent alteration of its most important metabolic functions. It is possible to treat cellulite with ozone massages.

The treatments act through the natural skin absorption of the gaseous mixture, bringing great benefits to cell metabolism, natural tissue oxygenation, microcirculation, water retention, elimination of free radicals and the breakdown of long fatty acids. Ozone has a strong antibacterial action and stimulates tissue regrowth, increasing the defense capabilities of the cells.

The Oxy derm system is safe, natural, non-invasive, painless and with reliable and lasting results. Oxy Derm Body is the air source device / generator, which produces ozone of excellent quality, safe, non-invasive, absolutely painless and with reliable and long-lasting results for cellulite treatments.

Ozone treatments for cellulite have a significant effect on the remodeling of the body. On average, the times are longer than with treatments of technologies with frequencies, which then vanish in a short time and return to the starting point, but maintain their beneficial and aesthetic effect over time.

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